Friday, 31 January 2014

Merran Toerien and Qualitative Research

Merran Toerien, one the sociology department conversation analysts, has just had a chapter published with Sage in a new book 'Qualitative Data Analysis'. Merran's chapter is in the section focusing on types of data and their analysis and looks at 'Conversations and Conversation Analysis'.

The book looks at the huge range of approaches to data analysis and provides an overview of the whole field; from general analytic strategies used in qualitative research, to approaches specific to particular types of qualitative data, including talk, text, sounds, images and virtual data.

The handbook includes chapters on traditional analytic strategies such as grounded theory, content analysis, hermeneutics, phenomenology and narrative analysis, as well as coverage of newer trends like mixed methods, reanalysis and meta-analysis. Practical aspects such as sampling, transcription, working collaboratively, writing and implementation are given close attention, as are theory and theorization, reflexivity, and ethics.

Professor Clive Seale (Brunel University) reviewed the book and said:

This is a comprehensive account of a large variety of approaches to qualitative data analysis, written by leading international experts in the relevant methodological fields. For those who are confused about different analytic methods in qualitative research this book will clarify overlaps and differences, inform readers about the key features of each approach and will in general be an important resource for students and practitioners of social research.


  1. Well, this book really looks great and very helpful in terms of data analysis and I belive if anyone looking for any kind of help regarding data analysis in qualitative research then they should must go for this book as it is full of information and tips about data analysis and other related topics.

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