Monday, 16 June 2014

The Great Meeting Place: A Study of Bradford City Park

Nathan Manning, together with colleagues Anna Barker (Bradford University) and Ala Sirriyeh (University of Keele) held a report launch and impact event for research they conducted on Bradford’s City Park on Monday, 9th June. The team presented their findings which focused on the following 3 key areas:
  1. The contribution of the park to the regeneration of Bradford city centre
  2. The park’s ethos as an inclusive and accessible public resource
  3. Behaviour and regulation of the park
Professor Sophie Watson from the Open University provided a commentary on the research and the broader importance of public spaces like City Park.

This was followed by a panel discussion which included Shelagh O’Neil (Bradford Council), Sargent Beth Pegnillo (West Yorkshire Police) and John MacCleary (Gillespies) from the Park’s design team.

The event was well attended by local practitioners and academics and spurred some useful discussion. The research team are now preparing journal articles based on the research.

A copy of the report can be found by following this link: 

Or by contacting Nathan:

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