Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dave Beer - Theory, Culture & Society website

Dave Beer has been editing the new Theory, Culture & Society website for just over a year. The site, which can be found at, acts as an open access supplement to the journal and publishes responses, reviews, interviews, think-pieces and video abstracts. As part of this development he has also edited a special section of the Theory, Culture & Society 'print' journal that contains some highlights from the website content. This special section has just been published in the current issue of TCS which can be found here . Along with a short editorial introduction, the section includes articles on Hindi cinema, Smokey Robinson, digital power, biometrics, urban problems and a debate on neoliberalism.

The TCS website continues to publish materials on a weekly basis. Recent pieces have included work on equality, affect, interdisciplinarity, nature, energy, complexity and neuroscience amongst others. The site is entirely open access and is aimed at being a resource anyone who is teaching, learning about or researching the broad areas covered by TCS. You can also follow the activities at TCS on Twitter @TCSjournalSAGE .

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