Friday, 26 June 2015

PhD Away Day 2015

On Friday 19 June all the PhD students from the Department of Sociology and Centre for Women's Studies gathered at the York Medical Society Rooms on Stonegate for the Annual Away Day.

Not only was the venue inspirational but there were some valuable sessions led by staff and students which addressed many stages and issues of PhD study.


10:00 Reception - Tea and Coffee
10:30 Opening - Wes Lin and Alison Taylor 10: 30- 11:30 – ‘Farmers Market’
We will run this session in the garden of the York Medical Society, where you will be sharing something special and you are passionate about with your fellow ‘villagers’. Most importantly, you may think it is also useful for them. It can be a theoretical idea from your reading, or some findings from your project. The content can be ‘displayed’ in any form. It can be a poster, leaflet or simply through verbal communication.

11:30-11:45 - Break
11:45-12:45 – Peer Support Session
You will be joining one of the following groups. You will be discussing any issue in relation to the themes.
Group 1: Preparing for your fieldwork
Group 2: Teaching-research balance as a PGWT Group 3: Writing up your PhD
12:45-13:45 - Lunch
13:45-14:45 – Academic Support Session: what constitutes a good PhD project, what impact can it have, and how– led by Professor Andrew Webster
14:45-15:05 - Tea/Coffee Break
15:05-16:00 - PhD Events Planning Session – led by Will Paterson & Catherine Atkinson
16:00 – Review of the day and Closing

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