Friday, 7 August 2015

The Politics of Data in Discover Society

Dave BeerThe new issue of Discover Society magazine focuses on the 'Politics of Data'. Dave Beer has an article in the issue on 'The growing power of the data analytics industry'. You can read the article here - Discover Society

And here is the opening paragraph:

Following the England cricket team’s recent elimination from the world cup, Peter Moores, the England coach, caused something of a stir by suggesting that ‘we shall have to look at the data’. The response in the media was one of consternation – as was the public response based on the 953 comments that the Guardian article alone has already received. Both Moores’ statement and the media response reveal something of the politics of data. Moores’ desire to return to the numbers is suggestive of how embedded and routine data analytics already are in the production and consumption of culture. Data are seen to provide the objective means by which people can be judged or pushed to compete in lots of different ways.

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