Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Workshop in Conversation Analysis: Shanxi University, China

Clare Jackson and Merran Toerien joined Professor Paul Drew (Loughborough University) and Dr Chase Raymond (UCLA, in the USA) at Shanxi University in Taiyuan, China to deliver a Workshop in Conversation Analysis (10th - 14th August 2015).  
Prepping for the start of the workshop - Clare and Merran with participants at the opening plenary session
Aimed at graduate students and faculty with an interest in developing their analytic skills, the workshop involved an intensive programme of lectures and small-group hands-on practical sessions.  Over 60 participants took part, including locals (from Shanxi University) and many from a diverse range of universities around China.  The workshop generated much online discussion among participants on ‘we-chat’ (a social networking forum in China), giving us instant feedback, insight into some of the debates students were having about the data they were working on, and lots of pictures of us all hard at work (okay and sometimes not)!  We were absolutely delighted by the level of engagement and effort put in by all participants, with some groups staying up into the early hours to work on the presentations they gave towards the end of the week.  The standard of work was very high and indicates a growing body of CA expertise in China - very exciting indeed! 

We are very grateful to Professors Guodong Yu and Yaxin Wu (of Shanxi University), who invited us, hosted the workshop and ensured such a great turnout and such an exceptionally well-organised event.  They also arranged some wonderful sight-seeing and cultural opportunities for us, which will remain with us as highlights for many years to come.  We are also deeply endebted to Jody Zhou, whose organisational skills, attention to detail and general care for us ensured that we were always beautifully looked after, both in the classroom and out.

Some much needed relaxation - sight-seeing at the Forbidden City (Chase Raymond, Clare Jackson, Merran Toerien)

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