Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Women talking about Class

On Wednesday 28th October between 3-5pm in W/243 Lena Sohl from Linköpings universitet will delivering a session for the Sociology Deparment Seminar Series.
Lena is presenting on her research where she has been interviewing middle and upper class women about class. See her abstract below: 
Lena Sohl
Dr Lena Sohl
”I don´t really like that question”. Interviewing middle class and upper class women about class
Studying elite groups is not a new phenomenon in sociology. However, there is a renewed interest in elite groups within sociology. For instance, Mike Savage (2015) want to “redress the neglect of elite studies within broader class analysis”. I use my interviews and participant observations of a group of middle- and upper class Swedish women to explore understandings of class in a Swedish context. Departing from the women’s understanding of themselves as “classless”, I argue that the women try to downplay their class privileges, in order not to have their class positions questioned. 

Any questions about the sociology department seminar series please contact: laurie.hanquinet@york.ac.uk

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