Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Surveillance Society in Information, Communication and Society Journal

Rosie Smith, a first year doctoral student has had a book review published in Information, Communication and Society. She reviewed Monahan's (2013) SuperVision: an introduction to the surveillance society.

Rosie Smith
When asked why she has bothered to write a book review she says:

'Writing book reviews has been a great introductory way to ease myself in to publishing academic work. I’ve found it a good opportunity to read books that are both related to my thesis, but which also perhaps draw on wider themes that my research doesn’t necessarily always allow for. But more than this, it encourages me to critically engage with a piece of literature in its entirety, rather than favouring a more selective reading because of the time constraints of a PhD. As a result I feel am on a learning curve whereby I am constantly evaluating my work and thinking about my writing in a critical way, to ensure it strikes the balance between being academic, accessible, and clear. Not only is it a way of getting the odd free book, writing book reviews, so far, has been a friendly and less-pressurised way of entering the academic world.' 

Follow the link to access the review: SuperVision Review

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