Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Purity and Danger at 50 Mary Douglas since 1966 - A roundtable symposium 9th December 2016

It’s 50 years since the publication of Mary Douglas’ landmark Purity and Danger (P&D). 

P&D has had a lasting influence in guiding scholars to think about dirt, disgust, contagion, profanity, risk, pollution, cleanliness, hygiene, classification, death, sex, othering and much else. 

It ranks amongst the top one hundred most influential non-fiction works of the post-war period (TLS).

This event platforms twenty scholars presenting their research into, ‘matter out of place’ in contexts as varied as racism, terror, gender, biosecurity, antibiotics, finance, brexit, cities, risk management, drag, self-harm, menstruation, class, food, household cleaning, etc.

Time and Place: 13.00 to 18.00; Berrick Saul Building BS008; University of York

Organisers: Nik Brown and Sarah Nettleton (Sociology), Mark Jenner (History) and Philip Linsley (TYMS)

            Enquiries: email
                 Register:   email

                                   Supported through the UoY ‘Culture and Communication’ Research Theme

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