Friday, 2 June 2017

Traversing Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Social Research Conference Round-up

Traversing Boundaries took place on 25 May 2017 at the University of York for postgraduate students to meet and share ideas on interdisciplinarity. Despite being organised by PGR students in the Department of Sociology, we were delighted to welcome speakers, keynotes and delegates from across disciplines for a vibrant discussion on the challenges and opportunities offered by traversing disciplinary boundaries.

One of the keynotes, Dr Des Fitzgerald from Cardiff University, spoke about the unspoken ‘grubby’ realities of grappling with theory or method outside of the constraints of traditional taxonomy. He discussed the embodiment of research in the negotiation of commitments and the difficulties of crafting an academic identity between boundaries when jobs or journals tend to work within disciplinary constraints.

Dr Des Fitzgerald introduced by Prof. Joanna Latimer.
Whether interdisciplinary work is considered a trendy or embarrassing concern in academia, the event proved a vibrant space to explore how interdisciplinarity is made sense of by early career scholars and how it manifests in practice through imaginative means and impactful collaborations. The day ended by raising the question; is it possible for a scholar not to traverse boundaries and how can we embrace post-disciplinary thinking?
If you missed the event, the programme of speakers can be found here and the conversation continues on Twitter @isrconference17.
Many thanks to the Department of Sociology, Centre for Modern Studies and White Rose DTC for their generous support.

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