Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Dates confirmed for 2017/18 'suite' of CA skills training courses

Skills based training courses in Conversation Analysis (£360 per course)

Turn-Taking: 28-30 November 2017
Sequence Organisation: 12-14 December 2017
Repair: 17-19 April 2018
Word Selection: 22-24 May 2018
We offer a ‘suite’ of four courses (each 3 days) designed to provide ‘hands-on’ training in conversation analytic skills:
These courses are open to anyone who has some familiarity with conversation analysis (we prefer you to have taken an introductory course)
Courses 1 (Turn-taking) and 2 (Sequence organisation) can each be taken as a ‘stand alone’ course; however completion of courses 1 and 2 is a pre-requisite for taking courses 3 and 4
Completion of all 4 courses is highly recommended – and will equip you with an essential ‘toolbox’ of skills for doing conversation analysis
Register for 2 courses at the same time: get 1/4 off the 2nd
Register for 3 courses at the same time: get 1/2 off the 3rd
Register for 4 courses at the same time: get 3/4 off the 4th 
Enquiries: Please contact Sarah Shrive-Morrison: sarah.shrive-morrison@york.ac.uk

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