Friday, 1 August 2014

A new publication for Ellen Annandale

Ellen Annandale has just published the 2nd edn of the Sociology of Health and Medicine (Polity Press)
What the reviewers say:

"The second edition of Annandale’s Sociology of Health and Medicine is a stellar introduction to the field by a superb scholar. Annandale’s lucid prose and richly theoretical approach take readers through the history of medical sociology, its connection with and contribution to sociological theory, and its uses for making sense of global health inequalities. In addition, the book seamlessly incorporates feminist perspectives on gender and health with detailed discussion of contemporary topics in health sociology".
Susan Bell, Bowdoin College

"Annandale has done it again! A fully revised and rewritten second edition of The Sociology of Health and Medicine, with global extensions now too. One of the best medical sociology textbooks around, in short, has just got better".
Simon Williams, University of Warwick

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