Tuesday, 12 August 2014

ESA PhD Summer School held at York

The ESA PhD Summer School ‘A Sociological Imagination for the 21st Century’ took place at York University between August 27th-29th.

The Summer School was opened by Dr Wes Lin who welcomed students studying in 18 different countries to York and to a drinks reception hosted by the Sociology Department. We then enjoyed two full days of discussion of draft articles prepared by students as well as keynotes talks and a panel presentation. 

The Summer School was organised by Prof Ellen Annandale who also taught at the event alongside Prof Ricca Edmondson (National University of Ireland), Prof Robert Fine (Warwick University) and Prof Tally Katz-Gerro (University of Haifa).

Some feedback from students:
  • “It was marvellous. I am assured that I am going the right way. Had the possibility to hear a critique (in a positive manner) from people who really wish to help”. 
  • “Very good event – useful topics, great organisation’. 
  • “Great, very nice and interesting people. "Overall I was delighted with the quality of the papers”.
  •  “I can't think of any other opportunity I've had to engage with fellow researches with quite as much intensity (sociology for breakfast!), and it was nice to be able to forget for a short while about all the institutional and political issues surrounding academic work at the moment and just focus on the intellectual side”.

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