Monday, 15 September 2014

Dr Nisha Kapoor wins ESRC Future Research Leaders Award

Lecturer in Sociology, Nisha Kapoor has recently been awarded an ESRC Future Research Leaders Award to look at ‘Race and Citizenship in the Context of the War on Terror’.

This will be a three-year project beginning in January 2015. The research will investigate the growing insecurity of citizenship in the context of the War on Terror with a particular focus on different forms of citizenship removal and exclusion and their racial dimensions. In the post 9/11 context the use of extradition, citizenship deprivation and charter flight deportations have been promoted, assisted in part by changes to the law, yet little is known about the full extent of these forms of removal; who it is that is being extradited, having their citizenship deprived and being deported en masse; what the conditions are in which these removals occur; and what the justifications are for their use. This research aims to address these issues.

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