Friday, 24 April 2015

The Krays, the BBC's Hairy Bikers and Me

Image result for Hairy bikersRecently I (Ruth Penfold-Mounce) had the opportunity of filming with the BBC's Hairy Bikers in the East End of London as an 'expert' on the Krays. The Hairy Bikers are making a 15 part series on The Pubs That Built Britain and tracking the history and stories surrounding pubs and pub culture. As part of this there is going to be an episode focusing on the East End which will feature The Blind Beggar Pub where Ronnie Kray shot and murdered George Cornell.

So back in March I found myself at 9.30am in a pub leaning on the bar armed with pints of beer for Dave Myers and Si King watching them having to repeatedly film trying to open the door to pub but messing up. Once they had successfully made it into the building we talked about my research relating to the Kray Twins and how they were untrained but effective spin doctors which combined with their distinctive Twinness has made them legendary.

So what did I take away from this experience? I can confirm that the Bikers are both as affable as they appear on tv and their hair is truly spectacular - television does not do them justice! I also learnt that walking, talking and gesturing whilst being filmed is harder than it looks and a skill I lack. I suspect I will look pretty stiff on screen as it felt so alien having cameras pointed at me and being told to act natural. However it was fun and I'm staying in touch with the producers and director and I hope to film for the BBC again.

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