Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Racism, Rights and Resistance: Poetry and Spoken Word Event

Last Friday, 13th May, Nisha Kapoor and Kasia Narkowicz held a poetry and spoken word event in a community centre in York as part of the Deport Deprive Extradite research project investigating themes around Race, State and Citizenship. Four poets were invited to respond to issues around racism, rights and resistance. 

The event was introduced by the principal investigator Nisha Kapoor, followed by performances by Talha Ahsan, Hafsah Aneela Bashir, Hodan Yusuf and Elmi Ali. During the event the audience engaged on Twitter under the #ResistanceYork hashtag:

 Images from the event:

Nisha Kapoor introducing Deport Deprive Extradite to members of the public, Priory Street Centre

Poets (from left): Hodan Yusuf, Talha Ahsan, Elmi Ali, Hafsah Aneela Bashir

Racism, Race & Resistance at Priory Street Centre #ResistanceYork

Elmi Ali (@madmulla) reading poetry

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