Wednesday, 29 July 2015

David Beer and the Sociological Imagination Blog

In the last couple of months Dave Beer has written three blog posts for . Each of the three posts deals in different ways with questions of connection and disconnection. 
The blog, which is edited by Mark Carrigan, has been running since 2010 and publishes new sociological content everyday., if you are not already familiar with it, provides a space for sociological reflections on a wide range of topics, and there is a vast archive of materials that have built up over the years - including podcasts and videos as well as articles and reviews. Dave has written a number of pieces for the blog over the years it has been running. 

Dave's three recent pieces focused upon:
Connected and disconnected writing
The new Apple Watch and the problem of our creeping connectivity
You can find links to a selection of some of Dave's other short open access pieces here

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