Friday, 31 July 2015

New Book on Political Disengagement

Political (dis)engagement
Nathan Manning has recently survived the process of editing a book Political (Dis)engagement. The Changing Nature of the ‘Political’. The book asks:

In what ways is the meaning and practice of politics changing?
Why might so many people feel dissatisfied and disaffected with electoral politics?
What approaches do political activists use to raise issues and mobilise people for action?
What role does the internet and social media play in contemporary citizenship and activism? 

It brings together academics from a range of disciplines with political activists and campaigners to explore the meaning of politics and citizenship in contemporary society and the current forms of political (dis)engagement. As a result Nathans edited collection provides a rare dialogue between analysts and activists which will be especially valuable to academics and students across the social sciences, in particular sociology and political science.

More information is available on the publishers’ website – Policy Press

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