Thursday, 7 January 2016

Adrian Favell, Migration and Neo-liberal Europe

Prof Adrian Favell is delivering a talk at the sociology department seminar series on wednesday 20th 3-5pm.

His talk is entitled 'The Migration Equation in a “Neo-Liberal” Europe' and will be engaging with the core of his recent book, Immigration, Integration and Mobility: New Agendas in Migration Studies. 
Adrian Favell will discuss how new internal migrations and mobilities in Europe since the 2000s have messed up traditional nation-state centred conceptions of immigration and integration, which however still dominate public and academic debate. These misconceptions lie behind the virulent anti-EU migrant politics driving the British towards an EU membership referendum certain to take place soon, and illustrate how much public perceptions under-appreciate the degree to which British economy and society – particularly London and the South East – is intimately embedded in Europe. Analysing the shrinking and increasingly absurd options being pursued in negotiations with European partners by the government, the presentation charts the crash course on Europe to which Cameron is headed, as well as considering what a more rational solution to the migration equation would look like.

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