Thursday, 14 January 2016

Regulating Time Workshop

On Wednesday 20th January, the Department will host a workshop which aims to unpack the roles of time in the regulation of technoscience. 

Laura Billings. Licence here
Key questions to be explored include: 

·    In what ways do the temporalities of technoscience and regulation converge and diverge?
·    What are the implications of these processes for lived experiences of law and regulation?
·    What methodological challenges are involved in exploring the temporalities of regulation and technoscience?

Invited speakers:
Kevin Birth (anthropology, Queens College, CUNY, US)
Nik Brown (sociology, York)
John Harrington (law, Cardiff)
Iwan Morus (history and welsh history, Aberystwyth)
Sameena Mulla (social and cultural studies, Marquette University, US),
Gethin Rees (sociology, Newcastle).

The event is one in a series organised as  part of the AHRC 'Regulating Time' research network  (co-ordinated by Emily Grabham, Kent Law School and Sian Beynon-Jones, Sociology, University of York), which explores the temporal dimensions of law and regulation. 

For further details about the network please see the blog, follow the network on twitter (@regulatingtime) or join the JISC email list.

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