Thursday, 21 January 2016

Internship on Employability in the Department of Sociology

We have a new paid intern in the Sociology Department for the next couple of months. See what he has to say below:

I’m David, I graduated last year with a degree in Sociology from York and I’m currently undertaking a spring term internship with the department (organised through the Student Internship Bureau) working to promote careers and employability with current and recent students.

The three years I spent at university were the best I could have asked for, and maybe because I was enjoying it so much, the years absolutely flew by without stopping to think: what next.

I got involved in two voluntary schemes, YSIS and YSIC, both of which were hugely rewarding and developed many different skills. I also held four different jobs whilst at university (not all at the same time, mind). I’d prepared, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Since graduation I’ve had time to think this through. This internship represents the first step in that direction.

The opportunities like the ones the Student Internship Bureau (SIB) coordinates allows students to figure out where their strengths lie. Critically, these internships provide an opportunity to ‘test the water’ in a specific field, helping students and graduates find their feet in the world of work.

As for me, my internship has cemented my interest in working with students in a HE environment. I’m currently applying for positions in HE institutions with a renewed sense of purpose, a confidence in my own ability and knowledge of what I want to do.

In short, whatever your situation, a current student in your first year (lucky lot), a stressed out third year or a graduate like myself, there are opportunities for you provided by the fantastic careers team here at York. Grab each one that is available to you, gain all the skills and experiences available because it’s a competitive world post-graduation.

Remember, York provides support; for life.



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